Judith Harris, prize-winning author and freelance journalist based in Rome, Italy, is a graduate of Northwestern University. She began work in Rome as a cultural attaché to the US Embassy.
Returning to freelance journalism, over time her reports from Italy have appeared in Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, ARTnews, and Reuters Agency. For 25 years she conducted a biweekly broadcast on Italian culture for RAI International.
At age 17 she won her first journalism prize, and for her reporting on Italian terrorism for NBC TV she was included in the Peabody Award. She is currently the Italian correspondent for the online magazine www.i-italy.

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The surprising and hitherto untold story of Evelina's long life is a compelling drama that begins in the era of Lord Byron.

Evelina: A Victorian Heroine in Venice, read review

Judith Harris has resurrected a memorable lady.  It is the first biography of an exceptionally versatile, attractive, strong woman with an exotic background, and is at the same time the tale of other fascinating people in a fascinating epoch.

Evelina: A Victorian Heroine in Venice, read review

An entertaining account!  Offers colourful and sometimes acute insights into the modern history of Pompeii.


Pompeii Awakened: A Story of Rediscovery, read review
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